Event Details

PSG White Perch Contest 2018

White Perch Open

Contest Date: Saturday 9-15-2018 Inclement weather Date 9-16-2018
White Perch Contest PSG 2018 Registration Form

  1. $50.00 Entry FEE per Team.
  2. A Minimum of 10 Teams Entered is required for the Contest to be Official.
  3. The base entry fee of $50.00 is good for one team up to 4 Anglers. Additional anglers beyond the 4 can be added to a team for $10.00 each angler, a maximum of 8 anglers can be on a team.
  4. All anglers’ names must be on the entry form. Only registered anglers my fish for that team. The Team leader must be designated on the entry form. All contact information for the team leader should be supplied for communications purposes.
  5. The White Perch open will be held in the area in-between The Key Bridge and Bay Bridge and from Rock hall to Hart Miller Island. Including all tributaries within these points.
  6. The Last date to enter is 9-10-2018 at the captains meeting which is held at the PSG Meeting.
  7. All fish must be caught on Rod and Reel with Hook and line. In Accordance with Maryland State Fisheries Laws. Maximum of two Hooks per line during the contest date and time Frame.
  8. A Maximum of one fishing Rod at a time may be used by a Participating Angler.
  9. The contest will start at 7:00am NO fishing is allowed on contest day before 7:00am.
  10. All Lines Must come out of the water at 12:30pm the end of the contest.
  11. Any Team That Does Not Comply with the rules will be Disqualified, all entry fees will be forfeited.
  12. All Teams must compete with respect for fellow anglers and Operate in A Safe and Courteous Manner when Nearing A Fishing Area or Other Fishing Vessel
  13. Each person Competes with the understanding that they are responsible for their judgment and actions when participating in the contest.
  14. Weigh In: All teams must be in line on 9-15-2018 at 2:30pm At Cheshire Crab 1701 Poplar Ridge Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122
  15. Each Team Shall Weigh A Maximum Of 5 White Perch For A Total Weight.
  16. All Fish submitted for entry into the Contest must be caught on the day of the contest and during the sanctioned time of the contest. Only contestants on a team may combine their catch for weigh in. Different Teams are not allowed to combine or share their catch.
  17. All Fish Are Subject to an Internal and External Examination if deemed necessary by the weighing committee.
  18. Based on The Total Amount of Teams Entered in the Contest Money Will Be Paid out to the top 3 weight holding 5 Perch team as Follows. “All Money Collected from the Entry Will Be Paid Out to the Participating contestants” 1st 50% with a Guarantee of $250.00 2nd 30% with a Guarantee of $150.00 3rd 20% with a Guarantee of $100.00 Cheshire CRABS Single Heaviest white Perch $200.00
  19. A Contest within a Contest is being offered in the Entry for the Contest. An additional $200.00 will be paid for the heaviest single white perch weighed in by a team. This category was Sponsored By Cheshire CRAB. The Single Heaviest white Perch will win this Category 1 White Perch Total Weight.
  20. In Case of sever Inclement Weather “ Wind/Rain” the Contest will Be held the Following Day. “Sunday” If Bad Sever Weather Occurs Again and the Contest is Cancelled Due to Sever Inclement Weather. All Money in Full will be Returned to all Entrants in the Contest.
  21. The winning teams will be announced At Cheshire Crab on 9-15-2018. All Prizes Will Be Awarded on OCTOBER 8, 2018 7:00pm Monday At the Meeting Of the PSG. Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company 161 Ritchie Hwy, Severna Park, MD 21146 Winners Must be present at the Meetings to Obtain their Checks Meetings start at 7:30pm. Or contact contest director to make special arrangements.
  22. All Contest Entry forms and Money need to be submitted by 9-10-2018 at the “Captains/ Contest meeting” 7:00pm Monday At PSG. Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company 161 Ritchie Hwy, Severna Park, MD 21146. Rules and event information will be presented during the meeting in addition to # of angler and teams Registered. Checks can be made to PSG. Pasadena Sport Fishing Group
  23. All contestants participating in the contest must agree to Comply with all Maryland State laws. In addition, all participants agree to abide by Maryland state fishery regulation. If participants use any watercraft in the contest they agree to be compliant with and adhere to all United States Coast guard regulations.